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What is Car-Net?

Car-Net: the innovative range of Volkswagen services that connect your Volkswagen to the digital world. From maps to music, hands-free calls to dictating texts to even monitoring back seat trouble makers the innovative system is essential in the connected car.

Safer Driving

Car-Net App-Connect* allows you to access and change your music, podcasts and audiobooks without touching your mobile, so you can concentrate on the road. It can also read your received messages out to you, whilst Car-Net’s Security & Service** emergency SOS call feature offers additional peace of mind, sending out a call for help even if you can’t.

Convenient Help

Car-Net uses real-time data to give you more useful and convenient services. The Guide & Inform service looks at traffic reports to calculate the best route for you. It can also look at real-time petrol prices to direct you to the cheapest and most convenient petrol station.

Our Volkswagen electric cars and GTE hybrids come with an e-Remote function on the Car-Net app that can show you the battery charge level in miles and gives you the option to start the charging of your vehicle from your phone.

Smart Comfort

Cam-Connect allows you to watch your backseat troublemakers through a GoPro® camera connected via App-Connect to the Car-Net service, allowing you a safer and smarter way to keep an eye on your passengers whilst staying focused on the road. 

The electric and hybrid cars have the additional smart comfort feature in the Car-Net app, of being able to warm up or cool down your car before you leave the house. This e-Remote function allows you to start defrosting your car from the comfort of your bed in the morning or turn on the air conditioning from the sofa before you go out into the heat. Simple time saving and hassle-free features for all year round.

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There is lots more to learn about Car-Net and all its features. If you want to find out more details explore our Car-Net site.

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The services are available during the agreed contractual period and may be subject to amendments during the duration of the contract. To use the free Car-Net app you will need a smartphone with iOS or Android operating system and a SIM card with a data option. You will also need an appropriate mobile phone contract already in place or separately arranged with your mobile phone provider. Depending on your mobile tariff, sending and receiving data online may incur additional charges (e.g. roaming charges), particularly if you are using Car-Net abroad. Availability of Car-Net Services may vary depending on the country in question.

*Car-Net App Connect includes the MirrorLink™, CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ technologies. Please note that “Car-Net App Connect” is only supported by a handful of mobile phones currently on the market. Volkswagen works together closely with major smartphone manufacturers to promote widespread support for Car-Net App Connect. For current information on the compatibility of new mobile phones and ones that are already on the market, please visit Car-net.

**Use of Car-Net Security & Service is governed in a separate Contract concluded online with Volkswagen AG. The customer has 90 days after vehicle handover to register the vehicle at Car-net . This will enable the customer to use Services for the full period of validity. The Emergency Call Service is already activated when the vehicle is delivered, without registration being required. Guide and Inform is available for 36 months after registration, online registration required.