Here at Martins Volkswagen we offer a wide range of finance options for you, helping you afford to jump into that new car of yours. Please get in touch or view our new finance calculators on our used car offers, input your affordability and the calculator does all the hard number crunching for you!

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Finance Explained

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase agreements enable customers to purchase their Volkswagen, without getting weighed down up front with the total cost of the car. By breaking down into a deposit and monthly payments over time, it is a much more manageable process.

You’ve chosen your car, put down a deposit, and agreed fixed monthly payments to spread the remaining balance of the car over an agreed term.

At the end of your contract when you have made your final payment (including option-to-purchase fee), the car belongs to you.

Lease Purchase

A lease purchase agreement enables customers to acquire their Volkswagen, but keeps monthly payments lower, by deferring a proportion of the loan to the end of the agreement.

You have selected your car, paid a deposit, agreed the contract terms and are paying monthly payments.

At the end of your contract, when you have made your final payment (the proportion of your loan) and option-to-purchase fee, the car belongs to you to keep or part exchange.

Alternatively, you can apply to re-finance the final payment (spreading the final lump sum cost over an agreed term with monthly payments) subject to your status and satisfactory payment history.

Solutions (PCP)

About your agreement

Solutions is our Personal Contract Plan – and this type of agreement is the safe way to keep all your options open.

You've chosen your car, put down a deposit, agreed the future value of the car (based on your annual mileage) and are currently paying pre-agreed fixed monthly payments over an agreed term.

At the end of the agreement you have three options described below:

  • Exchange your current vehicle for a new Volkswagen. You can simply settle this agreement and take out a new one with us (subject to application and acceptance)
  • Keep your current vehicle and pay off all outstanding fees
  • Or return it (as long as it has been loved, you can simply give it back to us).*

*Subject to mileage and Volkswagen Fair Wear and Tear guidelines.

Contract Hire

Contract Hire is a straightforward hire agreement that does not have an option to own the vehicle at the end of the contract period.

You make fixed monthly payments (plus VAT) throughout the term of your agreement, and at the end you simply hand the vehicle back (subject to terms and conditions of your agreement). Please note that extra days hire, excess mileage or refurbishment charges may apply.

Start thinking about ordering your next vehicle at least 6 months before the end of your current agreement. You should contact your supplying retailer as soon as possible to ensure your vehicle replacement runs smoothly. Factory build times are often underestimated, so the sooner the order process is started the better.

Finance Lease

Finance Lease is a rental agreement where you can choose to either pay the entire cost over an agreed lease period, or, you can opt to pay lower monthly rental payments with a final rental payment at the end of the agreement.

You select your car, pay a deposit and choose a rental plan. Please note Finance Lease customers do not have the option to own the vehicle at the end of the contract period.

The two different Finance Lease rental plans are called:

  1. Full Payout Lease - where the entire cost is paid over an agreed term with monthly rental payments (plus VAT).
  2. Balloon Lease -which allows cheaper monthly rental payments (plus VAT) but requires a lump sum to be paid as the final rental payment.

Please note, the options at the end of these agreements are slightly different.

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