Making the switch to electric

Our simple guide makes it easy.

Embracing the future of driving has never been easier. Check out our handy guide to making the switch and discover how government grants, low charging costs, and hassle-free payment options can benefit you.

Join the charge. The environment will thank you.

Save money with every mile

Did you know that recharging an electric vehicle costs much less than filling it up with fuel? Some charge points are even free – so you can be zipping about town and paying absolutely nothing for the luxury. The cost of electricity at charging stations varies depending on where you are and the speed you’re recharging at, however charging at home costs as little as 2p per mile. If you average 20 miles on your daily commute, then this can work out at 40p a day spent on driving. So when you drive an electric Volkswagen, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.

Volkswagen electric

Take advantage of government grants

In recent years, the government has really got behind the electric and plug-in hybrid movement by providing grants to anyone who wishes to make the switch. With discounts of thousands of pounds, it’s a serious incentive. But that’s not the only benefit: from never having to pay the London congestion charge again, to receiving money off your at-home charging station, it really can’t be any more appealing to make your next vehicle an electric one.

Flexible finance: payment options to suit you

Volkswagen offers a wide range of finance solutions that fit around your lifestyle. And when it comes to electric vehicles, we’ve gone one better with the e-Solutions package. This is a 36-month personal contract plan that puts you in control. IF after 12 months you decide an e-car doesn’t suit you, we’ll give you the chance to simply hand the vehicle back, without charge providing it has been kept in good condition. (subject to terms and conditions)1

Go one step further to reducing your emissions by switching to a green energy supplier

Making the switch to an electric vehicle is a huge step towards reducing emissions, but it’s also important to think about the way your electricity is being generated. If it comes from a power station that burns fossil fuels, your electric car isn’t as green as it could be (although the emissions are still much lower per mile than a traditional petrol or diesel engine).

You could go one step further by switching your energy company to Ecotricity. They’re Britain’s greenest energy company as all their energy comes from completely renewable and sustainable sources, such as the wind, the sun and the sea. Use Ecotricity and you can make every journey safe in the knowledge that your car is emission-free, and the energy that powers it is too.

Switch to Ecotricity

volkswagen electric

With Car-Net and our handy app, you'll never need to be low on battery again

New charging stations are popping up every day. In fact, there are now over 14,000 in the UK, so with a little planning you’ll never be far from one when you need it. That’s why we introduced a ‘Charging Stations’ feature within Car Net. It uses your location to track down the nearest ones, helps you to plan your route there and lets you know about the power supply and availability. If it’s a particularly handing charge point, you can even save the location so you can easily find it next time you’re in the area.

We’ve also compiled a list of the best apps for finding charging stations when out and about. Zap-Map, PodPoint, Ecotricity and Chargemaster are great at helping you stay powered up.

Charging out and about

1. Subject to Status. 18s+. T&Cs apply. Indemnities may be required. Volkswagen Financial Services.