Our Electric Car Range

Experience the future of driving now. From the next generation ID. range of pure electric cars to the thrilling hybrid GTE range, we’ll help you find the perfect electric Volkswagen for your needs.

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Electrics You Can Love.

From plug-in hybrid GTEs to the pure electric e-Golf and the e-up!, there’s an electric vehicle for you to fall head over heels for.

See Our Electric Range Below

Our electric range

Redefining the future of driving.

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The New Volkswagen e-up!

With its stylish new design and new smartphone functionality, the e-up! is smarter and cooler than ever.

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volkswagen electric


The first generation of electric Golf. It looks like a Golf and drives like a Golf but it doesn't sound like a Golf. The e-Golf with 0 emissions whilst driving and so very very quiet.

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Research Electric

Thinking of making the switch? Find the answers to all of your questions, from how to charge up and how far you can go, to the incredible new technology we’ve packed into our electric cars.

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Should You Go Electric

Electric cars are the future of driving, but you may still have preconceptions that are holding you back.

Pop into one of our branches and Discover why there’s never been a better time to switch.​

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Software & Technology

Explore the next generation innovation we’ve packed into our electric cars, from smart connectivity to regenerative braking to the incredible ID.

Pilot, which will enable your car to drive itself.

Save With Electric

Making the switch to electric could save you money, with cheaper refuelling and simpler maintenance, plus grants and tax breaks. 

Go Further With Electric

Electric cars are now a serious alternative to conventional engines for all your driving needs, no matter the distance. 

And it’s never been easier to charge at home, at work or on the road.

Servicing Your Electric Car

You’ll still need to service your electric car at regular intervals, but maintenance is typically simpler than for petrol and diesel cars.

Electric Cars & The Environment

Our electric cars are designed to minimise their impact on the environment.

From zero emissions to responsible recycling, see the steps we’ve taken towards sustainable mobility.

Pure Electric Cars

Incredible design. Groundbreaking performance.

Explore our range of pure electric cars, from the exceptional e‑Golf and e‑up! to the revolutionary ID. 3 and ID. 4.

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It’s nearly here. The ID.3 is the first of our next generation electric cars, setting new benchmarks for performance, comfort and design. 

Welcome to the future of driving.

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Dynamic, powerful and intelligent. The upcoming ID.4 combines the flexibility of an SUV with the sustainability and driving experience you only get with electric. 

Available from 2021.

Volkswagen Lease&Care

Make the switch to electric with Volkswagen Lease&Care. A finance product that has car and servicing costs covered in one easy, single monthly payment.

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Powerful, efficient, sustainable. With exceptional handling, acceleration and range, the e‑Golf is everything you'd expect from a Volkswagen and more.

Why wouldn't you go electric?

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The e‑up! is the ultimate city car. Zero tailpipe emissions, nimble and incredibly compact, with a fun personality and an impressive range. 

The e‑up! will take you further.

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Pure Electric Concepts

Our pure electric concept cars are created to help define the future of electric mobility, setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Hybrid Cars

Combine the efficiency of electric and the power of a petrol engine with our range of high performance hybrids, including the Golf GTEPassat Saloon GTE and PassatEstate GTE.​

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Golf GTE

It’s everything you would expect from a Golf but with its own unique character, including a honeycomb grille, marine blue accents and, of course, the efficiency of a plug-in hybrid.

Passat GTE

Power. Efficiency. Space. The ever-dependable Passat is now available as a plug-in hybrid for that unmistakeable executive driving experience.

Passat GTE Estate

The powerful, spacious and efficient plug-in hybrid version of the Passat is now available as an estate, for that unmistakeable executive driving experience.

Hybrid Concepts

Our hybrid concept cars are created to set new standards and push the boundaries of what is possible through the combined power of electric and petrol engines.

Our Electric Partnerships

Meet some of the progressive organisations we are working with to bring the future of mobility even closer, from our partnership Tesco to our Zipcar and Elli wallbox initiatives.

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Tesco & Pod Point

We are partnering with Tesco to deliver the UK’s largest retail electric vehicle charging network, powered by Pod Point. 

Charging will be in more than 400 locations by the end of 2020.


We are partnering with Zipcar, the world’s largest car sharing club, to give drivers convenient access to our e‑Golf and hybrid Golf GTE cars without the cost of ownership.


We are partnering with Ecotricity, the green energy company, to help you switch to renewable energy for your home.

Now you can make the source of your electricity zero emissions too.

Our Electric Vision

How we are helping shape a more sustainable, smart and connected future with our vision for electric mobility.

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Leading The Way In Electric

Our future is electric. Discover how Volkswagen is leading the way to a more integrated, more intelligent, more sustainable future.

Our Electric Heritage

The road to our ID. range of next generation electric vehicles began in 1970.

You could say that electricity is in our DNA.

Cost Of Ownership

Pick any Volkswagen electric or hybrid vehicle and compare it with up to four other Volkswagen models to see how the cost of ownership compares.

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Pick any Volkswagen electric or hybrid vehicle and compare it with up to four other models to see the cost of ownership.

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Our Electric Car Range

Experience the future of driving now.

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