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Volkswagen Caddy 5 Panel Van

The Volkswagen Caddy

All new. All Caddy.

The new Caddy is confident, capable and ready for almost anything. Whether loading cargo, squeezing into tight spaces or taking on longer trips, you’ll fall in love with the new Caddy’s ergonomic seats, generous space, and agile handling. UK pre-sales are set to begin in December 2020, with first deliveries due in early 2021.

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647 - 738kg

Load Volume

3.2 - 4.2m3

Load Length

1,779 - 2,249mm

Load Width

1,552 - 1,556mm

What Car? Van Awards 2021

The all new Caddy was honoured at the first ever What Car? Van Awards with the Best Technology Advance title. A team of expert judges concluded Caddy is “one of the smartest vehicles on the road” and was selected ahead of its rivals for its connectivity with the integrated eSIM and We Connect app. The Caddy was also recommended for its array of active safety systems and the introduction of automatic breakdown calls and anti-theft alerts.

You can also watch What Car?'s in-depth 2020 review of the Caddy panel van here

All-New Caddy 5 Van Offers 

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Caddy 5 Panel Van


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Features Of Caddy 5 Panel Van 

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Caddy 5 Life Panel Van


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Features Of Caddy 5 Life Panel Van

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Examples are based on 4 years, 10,000 mile per annum non-maintained Contract Hire agreement.

Built For Your Business

Pick the loading and cargo options, engine and gearbox, infotainment and exterior that work for your business.

Comfortable, connected, versatile

The new Caddy features a range of impressive highlights inside and out. Engineered to make the new Caddy as comfortable as it is capable, these include:

  • Increased load capacity, with larger side door on Caddy Maxi
  • ergoComfort seats with extra lumbar support
  • New larger touchscreen and optional Digital Cockpit
  • Independently locking load compartment
  • Improved, brighter headlights, and cargo lighting

Choosing Your Van

Every Caddy is available with a wide range of options and accessories – all designed to further help tailor your vehicle to your own particular needs.

1 - Think about the maximum length and height of your load. This will help you choose either a Caddy or Caddy Maxi. If you need to carry more than one passenger, you’ll need to consider choosing a Caddy Maxi kombi.

2 - Consider your payload ranges and think about the heaviest load you need to carry. This will help you to check that your choice is suitable.

3 - If you’ve chosen a Caddy or Caddy Maxi, decide on your preferred trim line.
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Meet The All-New Caddy Life

The new Caddy Life has been redesigned to give you more space, comfort and connectivity than ever before. Step inside the airy interior and discover ergoComfort seats and upgraded infotainment to give everyone plenty of space and a comfortable trip.

Packed with clever features including flexible seating and our driver assistance systems, it's the perfect choice for whatever life throws at it. 

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Arrive At Your Destination Quickly & Safely

To make sure that every drive ends as stress-free as it begins, the Caddy panel van is equipped with various safety systems, which are activated in critical situations to protect you.

Front Assist With City Emergency Breaking

Setting a new standard in driving safety, Volkswagen are the first to include Front Assist with City Emergency Braking as standard across their van range. Using a radar sensor, Front Assist detects when the vehicle in front is too close. It will warn you and prepare the vehicle for braking. If nothing changes, it partially applies the brakes, giving you a better chance of avoiding or minimising a collision.

City Emergency Braking works in combination with Front Assist. When you’re travelling up to 18 mph it will automatically prepare the brakes if a collision is likely. If the driver doesn’t brake then the system will do it automatically.

Automatic Post-Collision Braking

This state-of-the-art system helps to prevent follow on collisions. When the airbag sensor detects a collision, the brakes are automatically applied to avoid or lessen the impact of a secondary collision. 

The hazard and brake lights are illuminated, and the driver can take control at any time.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The optional Adaptive Cruise Control ACC automatically adapts your speed to that of the vehicle driving in front and maintains the distance set by the drive - remaining within the set speed.


Driver, front passenger and side/head airbags give the best possible protection in the event of head-on and side impacts. The front passenger airbag can be deactivated using the vehicle

Seatbelt Warning

If seatbelts aren't fastened, the seatbelt warning reminds the driver and the front passenger to fasten their belts with a visual warning when the engine is started, and an audible warning after setting off.

Additional Safety Systems

Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP)
Prevents under- or over-steering via targeted braking of individual wheels.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Prevent the wheels from locking-up while maintaining manoeuvrability.

Traction control system (TCS)
Prevents wheelspin.

All-New Caddy Interior

Plenty of space, a new larger touchscreen with optional Digital Cockpit, and supremely comfortable seats. It’s hard not to love the new Caddy Life’s interior. Highlights include:

  • Upgraded seating with a 50/50 split folding third row
  • ergoComfort seats
  • New larger touchscreen with Digital Cockpit
  • Electric handbrake for driving simplicity and a more spacious cabin

All-New Caddy Exterior

The new Caddy Life’s balanced proportions and strong profile give it a striking presence on the road. Options include:

  • New 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Keyless entry system
  • Improved, brighter headlights
  • Electric closing aid for tailgate and sliding doors

Easily & Safely Loaded

The Caddy panel van includes a range of features helping you to safely deliver your cargo from A to B. 

Configure your cargo area however you want it with practical installation equipment.

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More Safety, Less Stress

The new Caddy has been engineered to include class-leading advanced safety and driver assistance systems. In total, 19 systems work together to help keep you safe and reduce stress behind the wheel.

Manouevre easily when towing with Trailer Assist, and stay safer on motorways thanks to Travel Assist, combining Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control to keep you a safe distance from other vehicles.

Lashing Rings

The load compartment has six fold-down lashing eyes that are securely mounted to the vehicle floor. The Caddy panel van has six lashing rings and the Caddy Maxi boasts eight lashing rings. You can fix tools and materials securely, and in compliance with regulations, with the aid of the tear-resistant tensioning belts.

Lashing Rails 

The optional sturdy metal rails are mounted at half-height on both side panels of the load compartment. They are supplied with four tensioning belts including fittings.

Transport protection package (not illustrated).
The optional protection package available with the universal floor includes lashing rails and roof-height panelling in the load compartment. It protects the load compartment against denting and scratching. 

Everyday Comfort

The Caddy panel van includes an impressive range of comfortable features: intelligent mobile online services which get you to your next appointment faster, climate control that makes your working day more comfortable and user-friendly connectivity to keep you informed and entertained on the road.​

Always connected

The new Caddy simplifies driving with Volkswagen's We Connect technology. This lets you keep an eye on vehicle data, use the built-in safety features or upgrade to We Connect Plus for internet-enabled navigation and streaming services. The upcoming We Connect Fleet service puts routes, logbooks and servicing at your fingertips. Drive smarter with We Connect.

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Composition Colour DAB+ Radio System

The new digitalised touch screen with App-Connect is available as an option for this system.

Multifunction Steering Wheel and Displays

The multifunction steering wheel gives you a range of controls at your fingertips, so there's no need to take your hands off the wheel. You can switch tracks, tune in to a different radio station or turn up the volume, all without taking your eyes off the road for a second.

Multi-Function Display Plus

The standard multi-function display plus shows current information such as the time, remaining range, navigation instructions, outside temperature, average consumption, and a gear recommendation for more fuel efficient driving

Leather Covered Multi-Functional Steering Wheel

It gives you a good grip and is extremely user-friendly. The radio or navigation system, a mobile phone or the cruise control can be controlled using the buttons.

Business Pack

Load your Caddy up with top-of-the-range features at a fraction of the price.

Get Business Pack

A Lot Of Extras - For Just A Little Extra.

We’re working with you to help build the perfect VolkswagenCaddy for your business. Available on Caddy panel van models, the Business Pack allows you to upgrade with rear parking sensors, air-conditioning and an alarm for as little as £975 +VAT.

That’s a saving of £540 that can go back into your business all while you drive around in a top-of-the-range Caddy that’s more secure, temperature-controlled and easy to manoeuvre into those tight spaces.

Evolved and Refined

Featuring an integral roof spoiler and rear light clusters, the Caddy exudes competence and dependability. With plenty of storage solutions, ergonomic seating, improved interior acoustics and a selection of infotainment options, the Caddy ensures a confident and comfortable drive

More Powerful,
More Economical

The Caddy comes with the next generation of TDI diesel engines featuring the Euro 6 emissions standard. All Caddy models include BlueMotion Technology as standard, featuring Start/Stop, Hill Hold Assist, regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tyres. And now with the introduction of our new Euro 6 TSI petrol engines, there even more choice when selecting the ideal engine for your Caddy.

Intelligent and
More Convenient

Front Assist with City Emergency Braking and Automatic Post-Collision Braking System now come as standard on the Caddy. Optional extras include Park Assist, Fatigue Detection, Light Assist and Reversing Camera make the Caddy even safer.

Experience The Caddy Panel Van

Explore the safety, efficiency and comfort of the Caddy panel van in our walk around video.

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Important information :

1. Payload = gross vehicle weight minus unladen weight. Quoted weights are for vehicles with standard specification. Unladen weight and payload may be influenced by trimline, factory options and Van Centre fitted accessories.

3. Total recommended price of the vehicle includes VAT & OTR. On the Road (OTR) includes: First Registration Fee, Delivery to Van Centre, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and Number Plates. Pricing subject to change including in the event of change in the applicable VED or VAT rates. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles may change RRPs at any time (this includes where there are government changes in regulation and/or legislation). There may be a delay to any RRP displaying correctly on our materials. Always obtain prices from your chosen Van Centre. From 1 April 2020, the official CO2 emissions values used to calculate Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) charges changed for all passenger carrier registrations in the UK, due to a change in the method of testing. This will affect the recommended 'on the road' price you pay (in most circumstances, prices will increase). Choice of wheels and other options may affect fuel consumption and emissions data (which may affect the amount of VED payable and therefore the ROTR price). Please consult your local Van Centre for details of VED charges and recommended 'on the road' prices applicable to passenger carriers registered after 1 April 2020. ABT eTransporter pricing shown is the total OTR incl. VAT with PIVG 2 deducted. Grant (PIVG) is not applicable to sales in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man. Vehicle eligibility and grant figure correct as at 3.9.2020.

Images are for illustration purposes only. Vehicle shown may not reflect UK specification.

Volkswagen Caddy 5 Terms and Conditions: Important information : Images are for illustration purposes only. Vehicle shown may not reflect UK specification.