Business Finance

We are experts at meeting the needs of businesses, large or small. We offer three specific business finance options - Contract Hire, Lease Purchase and Finance Lease, plus traditional methods of funding such as Hire Purchase.

Contract Hire - Drive your Volkswagen van without worrying about its future value, or the inconvenience of selling it later. Contract Hire is available over one, two, three or four years.

Finance Lease - With tax advantages and improved cashflow, many businesses consider Finance Lease the right option for them. Choose between Full Payout or Balloon options, both available over 1-4 years.

Lease Purchase - Keep your cashflow flowing nicely in the short-term with lower monthly rentals, whilst leading your business to eventual ownership of the van.

Hire Purchase - The most straightforward way to pay for your Volkswagen van. Make an initial payment, then spread the balance out equally over 1-5 years , selecting instalments that match your budget.