Martins Service Plans

With Martins Service Plans, the price you're quoted is guaranteed for the duration of your plan. The service, parts and labour are all paid for either in monthly instalments or as a one off payment at the beginning of your plan. Your plan can also include such wear and tear items as brake pads and tyres.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Service Plan?
The Martins Group Service Plan lets you spread the cost of your servicing and essential car maintenance and save your money over a number of years, by paying monthly by direct debit just like you would pay your usual household bills.

How much is the monthly payment?
This will depend on your specific requirements and we can provide you with a fee quotation. This monthly price is calculated based on your annual mileage, what you choose to include in the plan and time required until your next service or MOT

Will this save me money?
Yes, All future costs accounted for by your service plan are calculated at today's prices with discounts already applied, meaning your payments are inflation free for the duration of the plan.

What if I change car or move away?
If you change your car, and remaining funds can be transferred free of charge to a new Service Plan on your new vehicle, alternatively the amount in your plan can be fully refunded to yourself.

For more information or to obtain an obligation free quote, please get in touch with your nearest Martins Group Dealership.