Despite the gradual increase of electrical cars, petrol and diesel still make up the majority of UK car sales. Here we give you the top 3 reasons, that despite much controversy, you might be better to choose diesel:

1. Fuel economy

Diesel is one of the most efficient and energy dense fuels available today, containing more usable energy than petrol. Typically a diesel engine delivers 25 – 30 per cent better fuel economy than petrol engines. Based on current fuel prices at May 2017 of 118.7p per litre for unleaded and 120.5p per litre for diesel, diesel cars could save drivers on average over 2p for every thousand miles travelled.

2. Comfort

Did you know the engine makes all the difference to the feel of the drive?Diesel and petrol engines feel very different from behind the wheel. Diesels provide much stronger low-down pulling power, helping you feel relaxed when driving as they jump start straight into acceleration. This can also be useful if you plan on using your vehicle to tow or regularly carry lots of passengers in your car.

3. Environmentally friendly

Diesel vehicles produced less CO2 emissions than petrol cars, and with most manufacturers now fitting vehicles with AdBlue and DPF Technology - a urea-derived additive sprayed in the exhaust to break down some of the nitrogen dioxides, they’re only getting better!

In fact, the cleaner ultra-low sulphur diesel now contains 97% less sulphur which has become standard for on-highway nation. This immediately cuts diesel soot emissions by 10% helping to improve Road Tax Savings!