Why White?

The new Alpine A110 comes in two colours, blue and white. Which one will you be choosing?

Whilst blue is the colour most traditionally associated with Alpine, white has similarly marked many pivotal moments in its history. A number of landmark Alpines have featured whiteliveries. Of particular note were the so-called ‘Olympic’ A110 Berlinettes that sported either a blue or red stripe on their white bodywork. This model went on sale in 1968, celebrating the three gold medals won by French downhill skier Jean-Claude Killy in that year’s Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. There was also the A110 1300G unveiled at the 1970 Paris Motor Show and, in motorsport, the N°4 A110 1600S that won Italy’s Rallye Sanremo in 1971. Redolent of endless snow-capped mountains and Alpine peaks, white was the choice of colour for the Alpine Vision show car. It is a symbol of purity, gracefulness, elegance and renaissance.