From the moment the door is opened, the tone is set as the aluminium door sill – inscribed with the name of the show car’s designers – invites the driver to step into a unique creation.

In employing a blend of leather, microfibre fabrics, aluminium and carbon, the cabin exudes a contemporary feel. In a high-tech environment, features drawn from the world of motorsport sit seamlessly alongside others that harken to a bygone era. As a case in point, the backlit door opening control contrasts with the damasked black leather door panel trim, which is highlighted by white topstitching. Similarly, the bucket-style seats incorporate motorsport-inspired harness belts coupled with aluminium fastening buckles. Their quilted leather upholstery combines with a microfibre fabric that is both sensuous and technical.

In front of the driver is an instrument panel composed of a customisable TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display underneath a carbon cowling. The two pedals and aluminium footrest feature a three-triangle pattern symbolising Alpine peaks. The three-spoke steering wheel, also in aluminium, has a thick rim trimmed in topstitched black leather. Framed by gear-shift paddles, it houses a tempting ‘Sport’ button. The main switches are enhanced by Alpine Blue backlighting that also illuminates the centre of the air vents. The centre console rests upon a prominent, leathertrimmed aluminium structure. Taking cues from an aircraft cockpit, it appears to be floating inside the cabin. It houses a multimedia touch-screen tablet topped by a circular stopwatch. The Start button – accessible after removing a pin – is within tempting reach, holding the promise of an imminent sensory explosion.