The Alpine Vision is the ultimate sports car: a high performance, elegant, lightweight car dedicated to driving pleasure in its very purest form. From its low, sleek profile, rounded bonnet, twin round headlights and sculpted sides to its pronounced rear wings that narrow towards the rear to form an elongated tail incorporating horizontal rear lights, this is a true Alpine in every respect. The marque’s arrowed ‘A’ badge is visible on the front wings and on the sides of the car, along with more subtle references to the legendary A110 and other iconic models.

The Alpine Vision’s design points to performance and style. Both inside and out, its forms and technologies are celebrated rather than concealed. Its diamond turned wheels suggest elegance and speed, while the muscular stern integrates air intakes into the rear panels to facilitate engine cooling. The elongated rear lights incorporate a distinctive X-shaped lighting signature and the design of the rear window similarly pays tribute to the iconic shape made popular by the A110 back in its day. The agility and spirit of its handling means the Alpine Vision is especially in its element on winding roads. This characteristic can likewise be found in its design.