Nissan Leaf

Feel the rush of 100% electric driving

It's unlike anything else. Instant torque as you pull away and effortless, amazingly quiet performance on the move - all with zero exhaust emissions. It makes your everyday drive extraordinary.

e-pedal driving

How about driving with just one pedal? It's so simple! With the Nissan e-Pedal, you can accelerate and decelerate with a single, seamless movement. Just release the accelerator for automatic regenerative braking and depress again for acceleration. And if you ever need a more immediate stop there’s still a familiar brake pedal. It's great fun and can help reduce driver fatigue*.

Dynamic handling with low centre of gravity

Every twist and turn is fun in the New Nissan LEAF. The floor-mounted battery pack creates a low centre of gravity that helps it corner with minimal body roll, giving you a great ride and smooth handling.

Take Control of the New Automotive Revolution

Get assistance whenever you need it. See and sense more around you. Free up your mind and enjoy the pure thrill of being on the road. Having a little magic behind the scenes helps you drive with more finesse and a new level of confidence.

Nissan ProPILOT

Available on N-Connecta and above, Nissan ProPILOT helps make things easier, from dealing with traffic jams to keeping your distance on the motorway. It can step in to do the hard work so that you can enjoy the ride*.

Nissan ProPILOT Park

Your parking nightmares are over! No steering, no pedals, no more neck twisting. Available on Tekna, Nissan ProPILOT park enables you to simply press and hold a button and your Nissan LEAF can park itself. And it's pretty good at it too*.


To support you in traffic and on busy streets, Intelligent Emergency Braking continuously monitors your speed and distance from the car in front. It will let you know if you need to slow down and will even apply the brakes to help avoid a collision, minimize an impact or if it detects a pedestrian about to cross*.


With four cameras giving you a virtual 360˚ bird’s-eye view of your New Nissan LEAF, plus selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear and kerbside, tight manoeuvres are a cinch. And if there are any moving objects close by, you'll get a warning on screen too*.


No more guesswork! Stay within the speed limit thanks to your smart Traffic Sign Recognition system. It detects road signs and displays the speed limit on the New Nissan LEAF's digital info display as you go*.


Forgot where you parked your New Nissan LEAF? Check the exact location of your vehicle on a map.


Want the perfect temperature before you get in? Open the app, set the timer and your preferred temperature and your LEAF will take care of the rest.


Keep an eye on your current charge level and range estimation right on your phone.


Vehicle to Grid allows you to supply your household with the energy stored in the New Nissan LEAF’s battery. Charge up your New Nissan LEAF at night and then use the electricity as your daytime power source to avoid consumption in peak periods.

Images shown are for guidance purposes. In some instances photos are of non-UK specification vehicles and do not represent a specific model, grade or offer. The features shown may not be available, or may be limited to selected grades.

*You should not rely solely on driver convenience features. Some features may not work in all conditions and circumstances. Speed and other limitations apply.

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