A110 Pure, providing a focused driving experience, priced from £46,910

A110 Légende, a more refined and sophisticated tourer, priced from £50,810

Absolute agility

Lightweight construction and elegant design: the A110 is Alpine’s all-new sports car.

Inspired by Alpine’s rich heritage, the A110 places driving pleasure front and centre. The mid-engined, two-seater sports car takes Alpine’s core principles - agility, compact size and lightweight build - and deploys them with modern day expertise. In its element both on the racetrack and a winding mountain road, the A110 is still refined and effortless to use every day.

Design Details

By combining styling cues from the iconic A110 Berlinette with modern design features, such as ‘X’-shaped LED taillights with dynamic turn indicators, the new A110 forms a link between Alpine’s heritage and its future. Led by Frenchman Antony Villain, the design team captured the spirit of Alpine while also creating a new design language that will stand the test of time.

Exterior line

When viewed in profile the graceful line that flows from the very front of the A110, over the wide rear wheel arches and through to the low, uncluttered rear - a signature Alpine design feature –it underscores the A110’s elegance.

Light signature

Inspired by the classic models of the Sixties and Seventies, the new A110 revives Alpine’s distinctive four headlamp design, now with full LED technology as standard.

Lightweight Construction

For a sports car, weight is a key factor. Weight saving measures such as compact dimensions and a lightweight aluminium body ensure that the A110 is agile and thrilling to drive.

Mode Selector

The A110 offers a choice of three driving modes. Using the Mode Selector function, the driver can switch between Normal, Sport or Track to adjust throttle response, steering assistance, gearshift speeds, exhaust sound and ESC level to suit the driving conditions.


A floating centre console and exposed seat brackets reflect the A110’s lightweight construction and sense of purpose, while climate control air conditioning and smart phone connectivity ensure the A110 is as effortless to use as it is thrilling to drive.

Alpine Telemetrics

Accessed via the 7” central touchscreen, Alpine Telemetrics enables the driver to record lap times at track days and store performance driving data. It also displays real-time technical information such as power and torque output, turbo boost pressure and engine and tyre temperatures.